Microbiome in Health and Argiculture

Thursday May 23rd

19:45 live music
20:15 speakers
Café Loburg

We have as many human cells in our bodies as bacteria, and there are around 1 billion bacteria and 1 million fungi in one tea spoon of soil. We are surrounded and colonized by microbes! In this session we will look at how our gut microbiome can protect us from disease, help us digest food and might even affect the way we act and feel. For plants, this is similar, a better microbiome leads to healthier plants. But how are microbiomes assembled, and what makes the microbiome of plants and humans different? In this Science Café Dr. Clara Belzer (WUR) will explain the implications of the microbiome for human Health, whereas Dr. Ronnie de Jonge (UU) will help us understand the ins and outs of plant microbiomes.

Exploring and discussing science with professionals, funky music and a drink.