The team

Science Café Wageningen is an initiative of Wageningen UR employees and students. The current organizing team consists of :



Anne Zender (MSc student)


Elvira Rodriguez Alonso (Post-Doc)



Gerlinde de Deyn (professor Soil Quality)


To me a vivid scientific community is the most important thing to make me feel at home and inspired wherever science (mostly in the realm of ecology) brings me across the globe. My main reason to join the Science Café Wageningen team is to contribute to the inspiring and fun atmosphere in Wageningen in which students, scientists and the general public can meet, and from which I learn a lot too.

Jeroen Koendjbiharie (PhD student)


Julia Krug (PhD student)



Karin Schroën (Personal Professor Food Process Engineering)


The science cafe team is a bunch of super enthusiastic scientists from various fields that join forces to bring science to a broad audience in a pleasant and stimulating atmosphere. It is a pleasure to be part of this, and see how much people get out of listening to, and discussing with our top notch guest presenters. This really broadens everyone’s field of view, and is simply great fun due to the informal settings of being in a cafe.

Mirelle Geervliet(PhD student)


Neli Prota (Knowledge broker)


I see a gap between the science and the end users of that science and I want to bridge it. I am passionate about green living, sustainable practices, healthy lifestyle, learning from nature, parenting and personal development. I have a background as a molecular biologist with a PhD in natural crop protection, but
more than working in a lab, I want to provide service to society by using my natural propensity at communicating, teaching, influencing and motivating others, for a better world. The Science café allows me to learn about new things and it is a way to bring the current knowledge to the end users. As a team member, my main responsibility is the graphic design of the promotion material and I’ll occasionally take photos during the events.

Pina Fritz (PhD student)



Raul Masteling (PhD student)



Tessa Louwerens (Wetenschapsjournalist)








Jelle de Gruyter (partner at GAW communicatie+ontwerp)

Music coordinator: 

Javier Garcia Vicente (musician,

Contact Wageningen UR:

Simon Vink (spokesman Executive Board)

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Exploring and discussing science with professionals, funky music and a drink.