To bee or not to bee

2014-03-27 BeesWhat do we know about colony collapse disorder?

Thursday 27th of March, Cafe Loburg

‘A world without bees’. Pure fiction or hard reality in the near future? Since 2006 worrisome articles appeared across the globe on the mysterious disappearances of bees in North America and Europe, the so called ‘colony collapse disorder (CCD)’. What is going on with our bees, the honeybees and their wild bee species relatives alike, and what do we humans have to do with it? Are the bees really in decline or is recovery well on its way? If we care about pollination of our food crops and basically about all the insect pollinated plants on this planet we probably should care about the status, causes of decline and solutions to counteract losses in in bee abundance, vigour and diversity….

Our guests: Prof. Dr. Koos Biesmeijer & Dr. Tjeerd Blacquiere

Prof. Dr. Koos Biesmeijer, Scientific Director at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Professor by Special Appointment of Functional Biodiversity at the University of Amsterdam’s (UvA) Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED). Koos Biesmeijer is internationally renown as expert in het debate of bee colony collapse disorder . He will explain what CCD is, present the status and trends of bee abundances and will discuss the ecological implications of bee declines.

Dr. Tjeerd Blacquiere, Senior Scientist at Plant Research International, Wageningen UR. Tjeerd Blacquiere is specialised in beekeeping, bee diseases and ecotoxicology. He will share with us the latest insights into the causes of bee declines and will discuss the potential solutions to combat declines and promote recovery of bee populations.

Our moderator was Jelle de Gruyter.

Live music before the session and during the intermission was provided by Vreemde Streekjes. Vreemde Streekjes plays mixed and matched music from all corners of the world: from tango and fado to klezmer and Irish folk. The band features accordion, melodica, guitar, violin, bass, flute, bodhran and voice.

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